Individual expertise
in international exchanges

In addition to his work in the Eurasian markets, Bernhard Horak also has valuable experience of cooperation with American global brands. On behalf of BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH he was also responsible for a joint venture with Coca Cola in Atlanta. This concerned the development and production of vending machines for use on all continents. Whether hot or cold.

Professional input
for international projects

On behalf of TÜV SÜD AG, the leading service provider for safety, quality and environmental protection with approx. 16,000 employees worldwide, Bernhard Horak set up a fully functioning system with around 200 inspection stations and 45 franchise partners. He established an inspection business with a 2-figure growth rate in just 18 months, responding  to the Government's call for a proposal. In euros.

Contructive help
for technology partnerships

Since 2012, Bernhard Horak has been involved in the development and realisation of an evolutionary wind power technology. The underlying principle involves making renewable energies economically viable for private households as well. Once marketability has been achieved, the joint project of international partners will re-energise the energy cost debate. Finally positive.

Unique solutions
for business partnerships

In his second Polish era as the CEO MTU Polska, Horak organised the building of a new development and production site for aircraft engines with an investment volume of over €100 million. In order to generate national grants and to achieve the ambitious goals, he established MTU with the government, with local authorities, universities and with the business community. He was practically unstoppable.

Linear career
with diverse challenges

Following his continual rise within the BSH Group, in 2003 Bernhard Horak took over as CEO Poland and Head of Central Europe with sole responsibility for over 1,500 workers and 4 plants. In this role he demonstrated his special flair for the conception and realisation of strategies, budgets, IT networks, production flows, and the reconciliation of national and company interests. In multiple languages of course.

Special interest
in excellent cooperation

Bernhard Horak enjoyed his first sporting success at a very young age. Athletics taught him to apply himself with energy and endurance in individual disciplines. Handball showed him how best to make use of efficient teamwork to achieve common goals. Today, Horak sees both aspects as the poles of his work, which should guarantee one thing above all: every success for all participants.

Personal experience
at the management level

At every phase of his life, Bernhard Horak has devoted himself to the activity at hand wholeheartedly and with understanding. Through his intensive dedication he has gradually developed his expertise in General Management, Sales/Marketing, Production, Business Development, Financing/Costs and Staff Management. Responsibly for good results.